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In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.  -Ansel Adams

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Our journey with our cameras began when we first set out to capture our own adventures.  We knew that if we didn't capture them in a way that was intentional and cinematic, they would become memories that were too soon forgotten.

We have had the privilege of capturing beautiful imagery across many states and countries and find joy in the love that our couples share.

With every new celebration comes a new spark of excitement as we set out to capture it for you.

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We welcomed our little girl Leah into the world in 2011 and our lives changed forever.  Fast forward to 2013 and our little boy Elijah completed our family and filled our hearts to the brim.

We spend most of our free time making memories with these two little ones who always have us on our toes (the craziness doubles when they are only 15 months apart)!

You'll likely find us singing songs with them from the latest kid flick, dancing to anything and everything (Elijah has some epic robot dance moves), going on adventures, or chasing them around with our cameras so we can create the same types of imagery and cinematic films that we cherish so dear (Leah is excellent at selecting the music for our family films).  We hope that as the years go on, we can continue to capture these memories and build these heirlooms for our family now, and in the future.

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