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When you think of venue’s for a Malibu Wedding, one of the first you probably think of is Malibu Rocky Oaks.  Unfortunately, due to the fires that ravaged the area, the property was no longer available until some repairs were made – luckily for everyone involved, Heather Benge Events was able to secure a gorgeous private estate in the hills of Malibu at Deer Creek Ridge, with sweeping views of the ocean.  Couple the venue with the flawless decor, perfect weather, and two gorgeous people- and well, the images speak for themselves!  Royal Bee Floral Co nailed it with the floral palette, pairing lush greens with blush, coral and ivory hues.


Planner:  Heather Benge Events

Florist: Royal Bee Floral Co

Venue:  Deer Creek Ridge

Stationary:  Caitlin O’Bryant Design

Silk Ribbons: Hey it’s Oh So Pretty

Rentals:  Party Pleasers

Linens:  Nu Age Designs Inc

Beauty: Sun Kissed and Made Up

Tux: Generation Tux

Gown: Ashley Justin Bride

Shoes:  Bella Belle


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