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From the first time we met Andrea, it was evident how much AJ loved her; and it was more than obvious from the way he looked at her when he first saw her in her dress that they were the most in love that they have ever been.  Andrea and AJ’s wedding was filled with so much history for us.  You see, I met AJ when we were just awkward third graders, and he became one of Ryan’s best friends when we all worked together when Ryan and I first met just after High School.  In fact AJ was in our wedding, so it was so fun to see Ryan be in his.  Now AJ was more involved in the planning than most grooms are, so it came in handy that we were so comfortable with each other that I could tell him he was not allowed to make this a Dallas Cowboys wedding (seriously guys I had to have Andrea’s back and talk him down from some crazy fan stuff haha).  While the day was hectic and much different for us with me shooting photo and Ryan shooting video and being a best man, we wouldn’t change it for anything!  Here’s a small glimpse at their big day- Congratulations you two, here’s to a week of marriage and forever more!



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